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Aargau, Switzerland & Prague, Czech Republic

Coupled with this strict governing and quality assessment Europe has always placed a high value on the delivery of best-quality education and boasts a great many higher education opportunities.


Why Switzerland? A Business study in Switzerland is globally notable

Switzerland has built its world class business and study environment, many international companies set their base in Switzerland for the reason Switzerland is highly innovative in research and development; very much flourished in the fields of hospitality, banking and pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, education in Switzerland concentrates too much on these fields to balance the learning and working. Pursuing a Diploma or a Degree from Switzerland is highly recognized for its own standard and quality.

Business schools are allowed to bring in syllabus from various countries, the combination of various business learning structures from different countries, the lessons are made to prove the cause of studying. Apart from the knowledge you gain from the lessons, the experience and exposure you gain in Switzerland will definitely be a career boost. You will practically experience the global cultures and life style; you have a great chance to learn foreign languages - one of the best skills for practicing business.


The Campus is located in the downtown area of Baden. With its unique location and dominating feature the campus area provides an exceptional standard of study environment


Why Czech Republic ? A popular study destination for international students

Czech Republic provides a lot of opportunities to grow professionally focused. The academic facilities in Czech Republic gain the attraction of many European and non-European students. Every student expects a study to be affordable, yes Czech Republic has one such element, the education and living is very much affordable. Now days, exploring countries has become one of the personal project for utmost students, studying in Czech Republic gives you a very easy chance to travel to nearby countries like Germany , Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Hungary in a very affordable situation.

Czech Republic motivates and inspires students from study to day to day living; the country creates a comfortable zone for students. The industries are highly developing, so students get opportunities to gain hands on experiences while studying.


At the unique complex called “SacréCouer” in Holečkova is situated the campus Sevanan in the beautiful garden at the Petřín Park. The complex of buildings was built in the New Gothic and Classic style in the 19th century and served as a monastery.