Travelling abroad for education is one the most adventurous as well life changing experience where one can have no promises or assurance of what awaits at our destination. At certain point we would learn to claim responsibility for one’s own deed or actions. In Sevanan we help our students to learn, grow and shape up, where they tend to adapt a different lifestyle than what they had been at home all along ,also they would seek to have an exposure towards various cultural difference and beliefs. Accustomed to a different lifestyle with a new environment it would help the student recognize and realize one’s own academic skill along with their professional and social enhancement.


Our campus has excellent support and services for our students with a special team of staff would work in order to help the students to stay in safe and comfortable. You can seek assistance from our staffs in the campus at any time without any hesitation as we would always be there to help. With the student service and resident support , our students are able to accomplish their academic long/short term goals with ease and comfort. We have the library and tech-support in the campus for our students.

Student Service

In the team of student services we have people who can assist students, as the team of Academic Advisors, Health Specialists, Counsellors’, Residence hall staff, Financial Aid officers, Compliance assistances and Career Support. Feel free to reach out at your own convenience.

Code Of Conduct

Sevanan Business School is a community of individuals dedicated to pursue al high quality international education. The code of conduct is established in order to provide an organized system for fair dealing of responsibilities with staffs and students.

Career Development

The Career development Centre will assistance the students to seek help & support in order to proceed with their part time job search, and will also work with each individual student to develop the particular skills required for their ongoing job search i the global labour market.So that you can successfully apply for jobs after graduation globally.

Residence Support

Our student housing team will ensure you will get an access to necessary living conditions, so that you can be focused on academics. This totally depends on your interest whether to seek help from School or sort out the accommodations on your own. Note:Every first year student will be provided accommodation in the campus.


Make the utmost use of your leisure time, visit places, and learn the elements of building your goal, business or career. You would certainly learn about people, life style, maintaining a tradition and business. Learn how to say "no" to others when you need to take care of yourself.

Feel Czech

As said “all good things come to those who wait” Czech Republic is one such country that will make you feel more than excited. The best part? Is the affordable situation in the country which you will not regret having some good times around the cities.
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We at Sevanan have Sports club and athletic team meets encouraging our campus spirit among our staffs and students rather being focussed only upon academics. We also encourage our students to participate in retreats indoor/outdoor where it helps in more bonding among the students. The Arts and Culture club will assist you to work on your interest/hobbies and the elite book club organizes groups and help students in practical ways. There are celebration in campus for unique holidays along with other events.