The Canton of Aargau is the most northerly canton of the Switzerland. It is one of the densely populated regions of the Swiss. Being in the heart of Europe, the Canton of Aargau is a place for many immigrants and students all around the globe every year over centuries. Historically this place dates back to 200BC when Helvetians ruled until the conquest by Julius Caesar by when it became a part of Germania. In 1978, the army of Napoleon made it a French province, however in the same year proclamation of the unified Switzerland Republic gave rise to the Canton of Aargau.


The canton houses some important cities of Swiss, as Vindonissa (now Windisch) which has a historically great amphitheatre that can be seen even today. Some other main cities to name are Confluentes (Koblenz), Tenedo (Zurzach) and Aqua Helveticae (Baden). The art museum of Aarau extended in the year 2003 (houses Swiss art that dates back to 18th Century. The castles present in Aargue bear the fascinating witnesses from the past. There are also more than 70 museums and exhibitions present in the Canon area.


Apart from the existing 3 nuclear power plants that is located in the Canton of Aargau, there is one beauty that one cannot afford to miss, which is Jurapark Aargau. Jurapark is an astonishing beauty that hold breathtaking vineyards, cherry trees arranged perfectly along their mountain valley ranges.

The 4 different regions of Aargau – Bern Aargau, The Frick Valley, Baden, Freiamt are diverse in their own characteristics. The places caters excursionist with all different tastes cultural beacons, rugged, sporty and romantic.


A world premier Umwelt Arena is an interactive space for all topics of environment, conscious living and constantly providing answers for all the questions. Institute of Nature and Engineering Science is the largest of its kind in Switzerland. More are the Paul Scherrer institute, the Axporama visitor center. Finally not the forget the unique building of engineering and industrical history, the Meyersche Stollen research facility is a fascinating place as we see the tunnels collecting the underground water.

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The good average temperature zone in a year falls between Jun-Aug in the Canton of Aargau. May – Sep of a year experiences mostly rainfall. In general, the local people would refer February as the driest month, July the wettest – avoid coming to this Canton or coming out if you are already there during this month. And January is the coolest month and August named as the warmest. Schedule your departure from your country accordingly. Check with the residents here and weather forecast before you take up your flight ride here.