Prague is the largest city and also the capital of Czech Republic. The city is the political, cultural and economic centre of central Europe. The city itself is one of the UNESCO monument and it is also said that Prague can equalise Paris in terms of its beauty. Each of its district has its own identity in terms of its enchanting beauty and cultural heritage. The city is totally ancient as it unfolds as a picturesquely beautiful painting in front of our eyes, which is also romantic and freshly modern in its cosmopolitan culture and they love welcoming foreigners and get to know and respect their culture.


Prague was also the historical capital of Bohemia. The city is also the home of world famous cultural attractions those survived the destruction of Europe in 20th century. The Prague castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock, the Jewish Quarter, Petrin hill and more historical structures in every direction you may turn. The Prague castle, which is now the official residence of the President of Czech Republic dates back to 9th century. The castle is also the largest ancient castle in the world.


Prague is simply a breathtaking city that is situated in the Bohemian Basin which is totally surrounded by a ring of mountain ranges. River Vlata that runs through the city influences the green view of the city and enriches natural parks and beautiful landscapes. Charles bridge that connects the eastern bank to the western bank is the one of the popular attraction for the tourists and is one of the historical sites. It is the western bank that features the medieval castle.


Prague can be named easily as the next techno-capital of the world. The city well known for its historical values, architecture, literature – is hard to believe that it is also leads in technological race. There are numerous techno-clubs present in the city. There is also a National Technical Museum which is considered as the largest institution dedicated to preserving the information and artifacts related to the historical traditions of Czech Republic.


Prague, by its location in the Central Europe experiences striking differences in the seasons and features extreme weather patterns. This condition actually add much romantic value to the city. In general the weather is mild to cold throughout the year with moderate rainfall. If you are curious about the seasonal pattern in the city, it is winter during Dec – Feb in a year. Mar – May you can experience the spring. This is the best time to visit Prague. Summers in the city are often warm but at times broken by heavy thunderstorms. The summer will start from Jun and ends by August. Sep – Nov is autumn.