Consult with Czech Embassy or Consulate in your home country to study the visa process. Few countries would require applying visa at the Czech Embassy in their neighboring countries, it is advised to read the Czech Embassy website prior applying. Students should responsibly collect all the necessary information’s and documents required for visa processing requested by the Czech embassy, incomplete applications are inadmissible. All documents that are used for the visa application must be translated to Czech language by an authorized translator.

Sevanan Business School students are eligible to apply for the long-term visa under category “Other purpose”. The long-term visa for other purposes shall be processed within 90 days from the date the Consulate receives the complete application. So, it is recommended to apply for visa immediately on receiving original Letter of Acceptance and accommodation contract from School.

The purpose of applying visa under category “Other purpose” is, Sevanan Business School acts as foreign educational institutions and does not fall under the educational institutions of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, thus Sevanan Students are Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic.


Citizens who fall under this category you are obliged to register at the Czech foreign police department in MOI office for study visa within 30 days from the date of entry. Mostly visas are processed within 7 working days if the application is made in person and 14 working days if the application is made by post.


The period of validity of a long-term residence permit granted by the Ministry of Interior will be one year if it concerns temporary residence for studies. Applications for extending existing residence permits for purpose of studies have a time limit of 30 days from filing the application. Meaning students are eligible to extend their permits after 1st year and can be continued to renew your permit each year until your study period.


Applicants are asked to schedule an appointment with the Czech Embassy in their mother country via email to submit their application. In few countries, the Czech embassy follows the new registration system for submission of long term visa. To submit the long-term visa application, the applicants are asked to register online at their official website
For information please contact the consulates of Czech Embassy in your mother country.
Please Note: It is recommended to apply visa allowing 90 days for the visa processing.


For exact required documents for long term visa please refer to the Czech Embassy website of your mother country.

NOTE: Proof of admission and accommodation letter from school will be in Czech language and all documents that are used for the visa application must be translated to Czech language by an authorized translator. The Police Clearance Certificate must be Super legalized in case of BGD.

The proof of medical insurance for the Czech Republic is done in the end of the application process, when embassy decides to give the visa to the applicant and contacts him/her to bring them the proof of medical insurance, so, do NOT worry about the medical insurance now.


For information on authorized translators please contact your Czech Embassy at your home country, the information office in the embassy would help you in providing the contact details of the translators.